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Experience great works and revealing discussions and get to know yourself and your colleagues better!

Why Academy for colleagues?

Academy for colleagues is deliberately not called Academy for teachers. In schools, there are not only teachers, but also janitors, educators, psychologists, administrative workers, and parents. They all form the culture of the school and all participate in the proper running of the school and the education of students. We want the Academy to connect these colleagues through a joint meeting and discussion about the great stories of our culture.


It is the beauty of art and stories that can connect us all.

This program helps



Through the stories and
the great works students discover values,
reflect on them and build their own attitudes.



Students respond to the ideas of both authors and classmates and formulate their own arguments.



Although the works are short, the preparation for seminars requires focused work.

enhance reading comprehension

Students are guided to understand the content of the text without the teacher's explanation. 

How does it work?

All practical information about the program in one place.

  • Only teacher who took part in our methodical training can open club of the Great Works Academy.


  • The club for colleagues can have 7 - 15 members


  • Seminars in the Academy's clubs start at the beginning of the semester, that is in September or in February.


  • Participants experience 11 discussion seminars about great works of 4 different genres (literature, film, music, painting).


  • Academy seminar for colleagues is held once or twice a month and lasts 90 minutes.


  • Club meetings of the Academy of Great Works for colleagues are ongoing in person at school or online.


  • Each participant has access to the online library, which contains all the great works.

ako to fungue

The course helped me to get to know colleagues from another side, to respect their attitude and sometimes to look at things through other people's eyes, not just my own. Because our view, as well as their view, is often affectedlife, events, experiences, problems and can change. After all, this is what artists put into their works and wanted us to understand them.

Henrieta, a graduate of the Academy for colleagues

A precious space and time was created for meaningful conversations with colleagues. We got to topics that, due to shyness or the inappropriateness of the situation, we didn't have the opportunity to talk about all these years during breaks in the corridor or in the cabinet. We shared the most fragile thing in us. And for all this, so little was enough - inspiration from the great works of Western civilization.

Mgr. Dominika Bašárová, teacher

What do the participants of the Academy for colleagues get?

  • 11 seminars with colleagues, where you discuss in depth together

  • access to an online library where all works are available for preparation

  • personal and professional growth, improvement of critical thinking, reading comprehension and concentration

  • development activity that is directly at your school and with colleagues whom you can get to know better

  • the opportunity to get to know 10 great works of our culture in the genres of literature, film, music, painting

  • familiarization with the principles of character education through stories in practice

  • seminars that are once or twice a month (according to agreement) with short preparation or without preparation

  • a certificate

What will the school gain?

  • personal and professional development for its teaching and non-teaching staff

  • team building activity for the whole year - colleagues get to know each other better and have better relations, consequently they also cooperate better

  • a club that is directly at the school and is led by their own teacher

  • the possibility to have this club online from the comfort of your home in the evening (some colleagues preferred this version)

  • a club that contributes to the mental health of colleagues

  • the opportunity to participate in a unique project that answers some serious problems in Slovak education

  • the opportunity to experience the approach used by the best educational institutions in the world

čo tým získa škola
čotým získaúčastník

How much does it cost?

The price of the Academy program for colleagues is in the 2022/23 school year

89 EUR/person*.


Colleagues can pay for the program themselves, or the school can contribute to it as part of the staff professional development plan.

It is possible to apply for two installments. 


Similar to the student club, the teacher receives a fee according to the contract with the Academy.


* the price is current for the academic year 2022/23


How to sign up?

If you would be interested in the Academy for colleagues, send at least one or two colleagues to methodical teacher training. The Academy Club at the school can only be opened and run by a trained teacher from the school.


Training dates, detailed information and registration can be found in the Methodical trainings section.


Academy clubs for colleagues are always opened at the beginning of the semester,
that is, in September and February.

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