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Summer Academy

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for teachers

10 meetings June 22 - August 24, 2020

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10 online meetings

10 inspirational discussions

Quality holiday rest

with great works

Relax in the summer with a good story, quality music, an interesting picture or  unusual film. Meet Orwell, Plato or  Van Goghom. All works in the Academy are carefully selected, timeless and of high quality. They will be available to you in our modern online library.

Ask us the right questions about selected works and life themes that open up. Experience inspiring discussions with teachers from all over Slovakia. Meetings are moderated by our academics using professionally developed methodologies.

Areas of development

at the Summer Academy

In addition to enriching works and stimulating discussions, it brings  Thanks to a specific methodological approach, the Summer Academy also develops in the following areas:

  • readable  literacy  and critical  thinking

  • facilitation  discussion seminar / webinar

  • character education through art and stories

  • in case of interest - methodical  work  with different types of content  (music, film, painting, literature, philosophy)

As these skills are transferable, the offer is intended for teachers of various subjects (ie not only literature, philosophy or art).

In case of interest, teachers can enter into cooperation with our high school program after graduating from the Summer Academy (cooperation is subject to the fulfillment of other conditions). Find out more through


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