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The Great Works Academy follows the educational format of the programs Collegium of Anton Neuwirth, which was established in 2009 in Ivanka pri Dunaji as a residential training and educational program for university students.


For over 14 years The Collegium also organizes Summer university for high schoolers, and during its existence has grown the range of different activities of an educational nature for different groups of young people.


The Great Works Academy is the Collegium's largest program to date and is beyond its auspices. Its aim is to expand the positive experience of students in education from the programs of the Collegium for the largest possible number of young people in Slovakia and to enrich the education system with elements of classical and character education.

The team of the Academy

Our combined experience from various professions and studies at Slovak and foreign universities  they inspire us with respect  pass it on to young people  the best  what we got. In accordance with the mission and vision  We constantly educate ourselves in academies and strive for inner integrity not only in our work, but also in our personal lives. 

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