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By discussing great works

we get to know ourselves and the world

The Great Works Academy is a program for high school and university students. We watch acclaimed movies, we read the best  books, we listen to quality music and think about famous paintings. We are looking for the answers to the big questions about life in the big stories.


We enter into a discussion with the greatest thinkers who have shaped our civilisation.  We follow the principles of Classical and Character Education that are used at the world's best schools and universities. 

Being in the Academy is experiencing real education.

student Petra,  Piarist Joint School of St. Jozef Kalazaský in Nitra



Through the stories and
the great works students discover values,
reflect on them and build their own attitudes.



Students respond to the ideas of both authors and classmates and formulate their own arguments.



Although the works are short, the preparation for seminars requires focused work.

enhance reading comprehension

Students are guided to understand the content of the text without the teacher's explanation. 

This program
helps young people

How does it work?

ako to funguje

1. A teacher who is interested in the Great Works Academy at his school registers for one of the offered trainings. At this point, the teacher does not address the students yet, gets to know the Great Works Academy during the training and learns to work with the methodology.

2. After the training, the teacher decides whether to organize the Academy club at their school. If so, they will enter into cooperation with the Academy and with its support they will recruit 7-15 students for their club at their school.

3. After successful recruitment, the teacher with the support of the Academy organizes the club with students at their school.

The program has two parts:


  • interactive online library with works and preparation

  • 20 - 25 discussion seminars in a small group



Students prepare for seminars using materials in the online library. There are 7-15 students in one seminar, who discuss specific works and important topics they open together. The teacher leads the students' discussion using the Academy's methodology.  At the end of the program, students are rewarded with a certificate.


Read, watch, or listen to a work in the online library


Independent reflection on the work and the questions it opens


Discussion with other students at the seminar

What we do:

What we don't do:

Why the Academy was founded:

At a time of informational, political and environmental challenges, young people do not have enough information to navigate their lives - they need to build skills that will help them make life decisions, relationships, access to work and their future.

Great works such as Chekhov's short stories, Rembrandt's paintings and Hitchcock's films contain stories that reflect human experience and open fundamental themes of life, universal for every person.


We use them to reflect on our own experiences and inner attitudes.  Discussion with other us  then it helps to formulate and grind them. In this way we shape our mind and  character.


Charakterní mladí ľudia túžiaci po múdrosti a kráse.


Hľadaním odpovedí na dôležité životné otázky a študovaním veľkých diel západnej civilizácie umožniť stredoškolákom, aby lepšie porozumeli sebe a svetu a stali sa tak hrdinami svojho vlastného príbehu.

✔︎ we read short stories by great authors, which are timeless and contain important topics

✔︎ we watch quality films and famous paintings and listen to important musical works through which we get to know the world

✔︎ we discuss our own ideas related to the works

✔︎ we test critical thinking without grading - students can see their improvement

✔︎ we create methodologies for seminars with the help of experienced teachers, experts and foreign institutions

  we don't memorize facts about works

  we do not use textbooks

  the teacher does not teach about the works,  but they raise questions from the work using the Academy's methodologies

  we do not offer clear answers, we look for them in the discussion

  we do not discuss for the discussion itself, but we address the issues and topics that open up specific works

  we do not grade students


Young people with character longing for wisdom and beauty.


By seeking answers to important life questions and studying the great works of Western civilization, to enable high school students to better understand themselves and the world and thus become heroes of their own story.


The Great Works Academy is featured in University of Birmingham The Jubilee Centre's project Teaching Character:
A Practical Guide.

Teaching Character: A Practical Guide draws together the insights and practices of some of the MA Character Education students and graduates. Each short paper focuses on practical character education strategies that the authors have devised and implemented in their personal or professional contexts. 


Read short paper Great Artworks Can Help Students (and Teachers) to Flourish and Become Heroes of Their Own Life Story. by Miroslava Durankova, Co-founder and Director of Great Works Academy. 

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