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What does partnership with the Academy look like?

Does it bother you that students are not motivated? 

Every good teacher wants his students to develop and grow personally. 


Do you want your students to be able to express their opinion and have a cultured discussion?

We perceive that students have difficulty expressing their opinion, discussing with those who have different opinions and being open to reconsidering their opinion.

Would you like to talk to someone about your learning challenges?

Stepping forward and starting to do something different requires not only courage, but also the support of the environment and like-minded people.

The Great Works Academy is a program that shapes both teachers and students.

Join dozens of exceptional teachers throughout Slovakia
and see what you and the students can do in one year!

Ako to funguje - učiteľ

The seminar teaching of the Great Works Academy is based on working with
a specific great work (painting, music, film, text), engages the student in the educational process and creates a confidential space for the development of the teacher's
and student's character.

The teacher's task is not to lecture about the work, but to lead the students/colleagues to the important questions that the work raises by moderating the discussion.

This program helps



Through the stories and
the great works students discover values,
reflect on them and build their own attitudes.



Students respond to the ideas of both authors and classmates and formulate their own arguments.



Although the works are short, the preparation for seminars requires focused work.

enhance reading comprehension

Students are guided to understand the content of the text without the teacher's explanation. 

How does it work?

Overview of practical information for those interested in opening the Academy of Great Works club.

  • You can open the Academy of Great Works program in the next school year in primary schools and secondary schools for pupils, or for colleagues (more about the Academy for colleagues). 

  • All teachers can participate no matter the specification. A key factor is personal and professional motivation.


  • A teacher can (with the permission of the principal) open an the Great Works Academy in a form of a club for 7-15 students.


  • To open the club at school, it is necessary to complete the Academy's methodical training.


  • Recruiting of students is executed from the end of June until the end of September. The Great Works Academy provides teachers with promotional materials, tools, and assistance to get enough students.


  • Seminars in the Academy's clubs start at the beginning of the school year (the first seminars start in October) and end in early June.


  • During the entire school year, the teacher leads 20 - 25 discussion seminars in high school
    and 11 discussion seminars in elementary school.


  • A seminar is held once a week and lasts 90 minutes. The length of preparation is individual for each teacher and can take 2-7 hours.


  • The teacher has access to elaborated methodologies for each of the works covered: they contain all the tools necessary for moderating the seminar. An online library that contains all the works and supplementary materials is also available. After signing up for the program, the teacher also gets a Methodical Handbook, which serves as a manual for conducting seminars.


  • Dates of seminars (day, time, place) is determined by the teacher together with the students/colleagues at the school by mutual agreement.

  • Each teacher is assigned to a mentor from the methodology team of the Academy, who helps them in recruiting students and conducting seminars. Mentoring is 1 hour per month and 1 training weekend per year.

The academy has one great advantage over regular teaching: students want to learn because they know they are learning for life.


They know that in this way they gain benefits that traditional teaching often cannot provide them with - they experience community, they develop character, they learn to think critically and argue.


They know (including the teacher) that they are here for each other, they try to get closer to communication  as a loving struggle for another.  Too bad the time is so short.

Anežka Richtariková, teacher
Saint Monika Grammar School in Prešov

Students come to the Academy every Monday - in our case after seven lessons - voluntarily from 3.30 pm to 5 pm.


I will also come there voluntarily. We come because we enjoy two hours of peaceful, focused, free, unclassified, discovery work.


We all always learn something new about ourselves or about works. It's like the new world we've created  in our school.

Ivana Horecká, teacher
T. Ružička bilingual grammar school in Žilina

Benefity pre učiteľov

Benefits for teachers

  • classical education training - pedagogical approach used by the best educational institutions

  • familiarization with the principles of character education through stories in practice

  • symbolic financial reward

  • constant support during the cooperation period

  • mentoring

  • a community of similarly motivated teachers

  • the opportunity to participate in a unique project that answers some serious problems in Slovak education

  • self-enrichment in the form and content of selected works 

  • an opportunity to get closer to students and experience stimulating discussions with them

How is the Academy beneficial for Slovak schools?

We are witnessing several negative trends in Slovak education:

  1. Young people cannot think critically on their own.

  2. The student's ability to read with comprehension is far below average compared to the results of OECD countries.

  3. ​Students have difficulty concentrating on educational activities.

The current education system does not offer solutions or remedies for this situation, on the contrary: students are required to memorize facts, but they are not taught how to think.

Our answer

We believe that the personal approach of the teacher to the student, discussions with classmates and content that shapes the mind and character are the best tools for the education of today's high school students.​


With its content and form, the Great Works Academy mitigates the influence of unregulated Internet culture - it helps a young person to study focused, think independently, evaluate arguments and situations, and express himself at a level.


Through great works, students discover important ideas, train critical and analytical thinking, empathy, and work consistently with text, music, film, and artwork.


Thanks to the selected works, they learn to discover beauty and appreciate the cultural heritage of Western civilization.

Benefity pre školy

For the first time, I experienced that dialogue can be discovered, that real dialogue is not just about exchanging replicas, but based on listening to each other. It appeals to me very much that this method is based on the attitude of humility before the text, and can therefore shape the character of the teacher, and of course the student.

Lucia Čandíková, teacher

Gymnasium of St. Mikuláša v  Old  Ľubovni

I consider it most beneficial that it was really training and not just theoretical lectures. At the same time, I consider the whole event by the organizers to be perfectly prepared. Big thanks!

Peter Lazový,  the teacher

Gymnasium of St. Families in Bratislava

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