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2Ako v žiakoch prebudiť motivá


With the director of the Academy Miroslava Duranková

Students are active in class, interested in discussing, motivated to read the book in addition and are still polite to each other. A dream or a reality that we have in our teacher's hands?

We cordially invite all teachers and educators who are looking for inspiration for their work with students in the field of motivation and like to start from each other for an online lecture.  

We will address the following issues:

  • What should we as teachers do to make our students happy to learn?  

  • How to motivate students to read the book in addition?  

  • How to motivate them to class activity and discussion?

  • Should I motivate students with rewards?  

  • How to build beneficial relationships with students?

TERM:  21. January 2021 at 18:00  (duration 60 min + 30 min questions and answers)
  This event is free

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